Cruise Certificates 4 Two

                        CRUISE PROGRAM OVERVIEW

If you’ve never tried a cruise vacation incentive or promotion, its time to make a change. Our Cruise certificate program enables your company to offer a quality cruise incentive to your prospects and current clients, simply for doing business with you. From smaller, high-end exotic trips to luxury super-liners, we offer a number of great programs for every budget.

With a higher perceived value than other discounts or incentives, our cruise certificate program will give you the edge over your competition! Plus, we can ship travel vouchers overnight which is ideal for those who are busy and are putting together that last minute marketing campaign.

Once you order your cruise certificates, we will provide consulting and training as a complimentary service. We want to ensure that our valued clients understand how the program works. Here are the details:

  1. Once a certificate is issued to your client, you will need to sign and date it.
  2. Your client is instructed to register their certificate within 45 days.
  3. Once processed, they will receive a cruise package, which lists all available cruises & itineraries.
  4. Note: Your clients will have 18 months, from the date of issue, to book and complete their cruise travel.
  5. Registered cruisers then contact our affiliate travel partner, Paradise Travel Consultants to talk with a cruise vacation planner.

Bon Voyage!  It’s Cruise time!

Throughout the process, your clients will be treated to the highest level of service. They will also enjoy professional and courteous service from the CLIA Certified Cruise Vacation Planners at Paradise Travel, who are careful to answer all your client's questions and assist them in finding the best cruise vacation for their needs.

Cruise certificates 4 Two also provides all the marketing materials you’ll need, at no additional cost. Our brochures, posters and cruise descriptions empower you to market your company as well as your products and services whenever and however you like. With cruise vacation incentives like these, you’ll reach your sales goals consistently and cost-effectively, month after month.

Creative Marketing Incentives

Cruise certificates 4 Two offers the most affordable luxury cruise incentives to companies everywhere. How do we do it? We buy in huge volumes and have special relationships with our travel partners and all the major cruise lines. Our cruise certificate program is effective and guarantees results!

We are committed to offering creative marketing incentives that improve your business. It’s our passion and its what we do better than anyone else. The bottom-line? You get results – it’s that simple.

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